Our story.

Evan Maeda

Naveen and I first met working at corporate jobs in Austin, Texas. During lunch one day, we ended up bonding over a mutual interest in traveling to Japan. Although we barely knew each other, Naveen’s extensive international travel experience and my own experience living in Japan gave us enough confidence to go ahead anyway.

I remember our first night. After 15 hours of flying, Naveen and I made it to our AirBnB in the Sangenjaya district of Tokyo. Our place was incredibly small, and combined with empty stomachs it forced us out into the neighborhood for a meal. We stumbled across a local gyoza spot, lacking English menus and international patrons. With Naveen’s go-to attitude and my broken Japanese, we were able to secure and devour a dozen homemade gyoza. I can't remember what made the dumplings so good, what we talked about or even how long we were there. All I can remember is the feeling; a good, deep-down feeling of a memory aging well that still brings a smile to my face.

This feeling reminded us a lot of what we love about denim. We both could go on and on about the different types of fits for different body types, or the care details for our favorite pair of raws. There's so much to learn, and like any subculture these nuances can often be a barrier to entry. When the opportunity to start our own online boutique came up, Naveen and I knew what we wanted to say: A good, quality pair of jeans will always give you that "first meal" feeling.

Sure, the details are fun to get into and there are certain things you can do to extend the life of your jeans or give you sick fades. But denim is the kind of fabric that will outlast these details, and its "better over time" ethos can make it the supporting actor in some of your best memories.

We hope you consider investing in a good pair of jeans, and hopefully find the right one in our selection.

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